Microsurgical Nerve Repair

When your nerves become damaged or compressed, you can experience pain that continues without relief.  Your nerves can become damaged or compressed by passing through areas that are too narrow, for example in the soft tissues of the ankle leading to the foot. Nerve damage can also occur when the nerve tissue in your foot thickens because the nerve has been continually compressed and irritated. This is called a neuroma and it can cause nerve damage which results in chronic pain.
To repair your damaged nerves and eliminate your chronic foot pain, Dr. Yurkanin of Yurkanin Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Center offers microsurgical nerve repair. Microscopic nerve repair aims to decrease the pressure placed on the nerve by removing or altering the source causing the pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What conditions does microsurgical nerve repair work for?

Microsurgical nerve repair is especially beneficial for the following conditions:

Chronic Nerve Pain

Nerve pain that continues without relief can be a result of a nerve that has become compressed by surrounding structures.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Occurs when the large ligament that covers the tunnel of arteries, veins, tendons, and nerves in the ankle compresses the posterior tibial nerve.


A thickening of the nerve tissue as a result of the nerve being continually compressed and irritated that can cause irreversible nerve damage. The most common type of neuroma is Morton’s neuroma, which is located between the third and fourth toes.

What can I expect from microsurgical nerve repair?

There are two main approaches to microsurgical nerve repair:

Nerve Release

During a nerve release procedure, Dr. Yurkanin will cut the ligament responsible for placing extra pressure on the affected nerve, relieving the pressure. To prevent future entrapment in another surrounding ligament or scar tissue, a nerve wrap, or barrier between the nerve and the pressure source, can be used.

Nerve Repositioning

During a nerve repositioning procedure, Dr. Yurkanin will reposition the nerve around implants or natural pressure sources. This decreases the pressure on the nerve by simply providing the nerve more space in a slightly different location.

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Did You Know…

In the United States, it is estimated that 15 million to 20 million individuals, most over the age of 60, suffer from some form of nerve pain with no known cause.

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