Let's talk about the "Cross over toe."

March 24, 2022
Gabriela M. Yurkanin, DPM, Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgery

Let’s talk about the “Cross over toe.”  

Also, commonly called plantar plate tears or overlapping toes. These deformities usually start out with subtle pain on the ball of the foot and slowly progress to a hammertoe deformity.  

Conservatively, splinting the toes and using stiffer soled shoes helps with pain and progression. However, as the deformity progresses, patients usually require surgery to correct the deformity.

At Yurkanin Foot & Ankle Reconstructive Center, I use a functional rehab program. Patients weight bear starting from the second day of surgery using a protective walking boot and are usually progressed to a stiff soled sneaker within 5-6 weeks of surgery.